Tuesday, August 7, 2007

spoiled? not?

listening to: 'don't stop the music' - rihanna

well my old laptop has completely crapped out [for the millionth time] and i had finally managed to convince my parents to let me put a new one on hire purchase. so i had sussed out a sweet deal for a lappy and a printer, since i don't have one, and dad and i went to the store to go get it this morning. but then my dad got all huffy bout how he had to fill in like an income thing since he was my guarantor. which i thought was pretty lame cos it's not like he doesn't earn much money and was embarassed or anything.
so then we went home in silence... i was fully not impressed. i didn't know how he was expecting me to do all my university assignments etc if i didn't have a working laptop. so then i stomped up to my room.. i was in such a rage, cos i'm just so frustrated. my old laptop has had sooo many issues with it, i basically haven't even had a working laptop for the 2 years i've been at university. it just had a spazz whenever it felt like it - and it was almost always around the time i had a ton of assignments due!
so i went up to my room all angry and whatevs and being the hyperemotional brat i am, i threw heaps of books and crap round my room. and like threw my shoes at the wall.
i know i'm just being a spoiled wee dork, but i don't care. it worked anyway.

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