Thursday, July 31, 2008

oh! and..

i am also in love with this girl, whoever she may be! she reminds me of mia farrow in the great gatsby... as seen on the facehunter.

a post as eclectic as my musical taste!

listening to: 'where the city meets the sea' - the getaway plan [download!! it rules!!]

hello all! at the moment im procrastinating from a)study for my COMS201 concept test tomorrow and b)completing my annotated bibliography on an article by elihu katz for the same paper, which is also due tomorrow. i was just browsing the net, checking out the usual sites on my hit list and also stumbling across a couple new ones, when i found a couple note-worthy things that made me remember my poor forgotten little blog. so voila, here i be.

1. it is absolutely FREEZING here in dunedin right now! though i can't complain; this has been an uncharacteristically mild winter for invercargill/dunedin... therefore i am spending a lot of my time rugged up in not-hot jerseys and canterbury pant combos. thankfully, i received an email today from the person selling me this woolen shrug to say it was now on it's way! i'm making a pilgrimage tomorrow to george street [present time! got two 21st parties to attend this weekend] so will hit up a few shops looking for a nice, vintage-esque brown waist belt.

2. speaking of these 21st parties, i am dying for some new party dresses... alas, the majority of the dough currently sitting in my bank balance is headed my younger sister's way... she lent me some money last week when my cruddy cellphone crapped out! but that's a whole 'nother story. anywho, my daydreaming about waltzing into these parties in super cute new ensembles led me online, where i found these:

the top dress is from asos [apparently, in the style of charlize theron]. i think it's really flirty, wispy and fun... im not usually such a fan of lacy kinda things, but this one immediately caught my eye. oh, and as a sidenote: while i applaud asos for embracing the whole one-shouldered, 80s prom vibe, i think they should review the construction of their single shoulders. is it just me or is there something just slightly off about them??

the middle dress is by life with bird, which i found on mycatwalk. everybody heard over there tout de suite, because the rear view is to die for... im a complete sucker for a good racerback. for some reason it wouldnt let me frigging copy and paste that view though!! grr. too bad i dont have either $582 to spare, or a body little enough to squeeze into it haha.

and finally, the bottom picture is cameron diaz [duh] at some shrek premiere. i remember seeing this picture in one of my mum's magazines, and wishing my legs looked like that! i think that dress would be frigging perfect for some rowdy 21st times... i can just picture my ideal self carving up a storm on the dancefloor at the frog this saturday night!! though i'd pair them with my faaaaaavourite pair of shoes ever, my ever-present [and starting to get pretty well-worn] yellow shoes!! cos thats how i roll. oh, and some big hair. the legendary susie bubble, i frothed at the mouth a bit when i first saw these miu miu heels. i actually let out a little groan - no jokes. the pink pair for me, thanks.

4.truly my favourite quote of the week: natalie wood, australian designer hailing from sydney (sample, insight, something, and something else), whose work philosophy is "we're not out for mass domination of the fashion scene, we just want to make cool shit". Find the quote, and the rest of the article, here at refinery29. Judging from a subsequent google search, she's doing a pretty darn good job of it - but its not for the timid. There's a decent [albeit brief] interview with her at nylon's website too.

5. i have a big fat girl crush on erin wasson right now. sure, she's not exactly the newest face on the block - i think i first saw her round 2003? i'd gone through a dry spell of vogues etc, but 2003 was when i got my first job! so i would have had money to burn haha - but i'm really into that whole sultry-eyed, leggy vibe she embodies! jealous much? her look is kinda mk olsen, without the bordering on homelessness looking thing... she looks a bit healthier!

6. i want some ladyhawke-like eyeliner. search out 'paris is burning' on youtube and you'll see what i mean. i'm gonna team it with my duffy-inspired hair this weekend - how musical/brigitte bardot of me! i think she's my all time number one fash icon. for now anyway... we aquarians change our minds incessantly.

told ya it was a mish mash. over and out :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


listening to: 'hero' - nas feat. keri hilson

my last post was on april 18?! that is a super long hiatus, even for me! apologies to anyone who commented on earlier posts and found me lacking the response department - forgive me!

as always i don't really have anything of interest to report; my life has been uni work sleep eat drink. and again as always some of those things were of a higher priority than others. passed all my exams though, which was super. even managed to get myself an a- on my 200 level pols paper, which despite the AWFUL lecturer was my favourite of last semester's papers. it was political communication, so very media/politics focused which was right up my alley.

last semester was really tough for me. it was the first semester where i have worked and studied, and it seems so lazy and spoiled to say so but i found it really hard. maybe if i didnt loathe my job so much it would be better, but i do so its not a barrel of laughs. i wasn't really enjoying my living situation either: it was weird, because i like the people i live with, but i've been feeling really distant and isolated. one of the hardest things to deal with after losing mum was the feeling that there was nobody who would listen, understand, care unconditionally. so i've been keeping a lot to myself, and it definitely eats away at me. maybe this semester i'll turn here more, so don't be surprised if a lot of my posts are random thought posts rather than anything trendy. knowing that other peoples lives move forward while mine is simultaneously so stuck is hard to deal with, and makes me really jealous and titchy. it just seems unfair; but the situation itself is a big pile of unfairness. if that makes sense.

my dad, younger sister and i went on holiday at the end of the semester. a week in vanuatu; the thought was the only thing that kept me anywhere near 'sanity' during the semester. while it wasn't always bliss, it was fantastic to get away and relax. we all needed it! the weather wasn't that flash, and i cut my foot on this massive rock on the beach and couldnt walk for two days! but other than that it was rad haha. the people were lovely and friendly, it was nice and warm, the scenery was so beautiful, and all the fresh fruit and fish was delish!

and now im back here in dunedin. last week was the first week of classes, and last night was possibly the last ever all blacks game at carisbrook! i was so happy i got a ticket... it was my first all blacks game! we were playing south africa, and we blimming lost! 30-28. i was gutted... but then we went and got drunk and hit town. had a great time... it was cranking! i stayed out until about 4:30 i think. i came home with a guy from back in invercargill... we have a bit of a history. actually, understatement. i've been sleeping with him sporadically since 7th form. kind of different now, considering he has a girlfriend. i feel really sleazy and guilty, as i should. but at the same time, he is the only guy i've ever been with who hasn't hurt me. it's so selfish and horrible of me, and i'm sure karma will keep kicking my ass because of it. a couple of my flatmates have let me know they aren't impressed at all, and i'm sure there are people reading this whose opinion of me just took a massive nosedive. but the need to have a guy, just for one night, who sleeps next to you and is there in the morning and who holds your hand as you cross a street is something that has been eating away at me for so long. i've been lonely for so long! and i know how bad it is of me to fill that need with a some other girl's boyfriend. but even though i feel guilty, i don't feel as guilty as i should. their relationship obviously doesn't mean that much to her either, as she has cheated before, but i don't like the fact that i'm that girl. it makes me feel super sleazy... but i know deep down that i'd do it again.

no other news. will be back again, as soon as i have something post worthy.