Friday, April 18, 2008

i heart heidi klum!

listening to: 'love story'- mariah carey

so it's been ages, but i'm back. sorry, i've been so exhausted from work etc and i just couldn't really form a cohesive, comprehensible sentence let alone a post.

tonight the first episode of project runway (season 5) has just aired here in new zealand. even though i already know who wins - grr e! channel and perez hilton!!!!! - i still find it so frikkin fascinating to watch. it was apparent that this season is going to the the strongest yet: the general standard set even in episode one was crazy high. my favourite from the show? probably victoria hong's lbd, with the big metallic flower. i thought it was super cute and something i would love to wear myself. that gladiator-inspired, flowy charcoal dress was also really gorgeous: i'm a draping addict, i guess! but at least i can admit it, right?

BUT. i can't stress enough how weird i found it that simone was voted off over that crazy hippy dippy chick (aka rain goddess, as someone - maybe christian? - dubbed her). i thought her dress, while poorly executed and not up to standard finishing-wise, was really pretty (that colour combo basically made me swoon and also made me overlook how wrong wrong wrong the jacket was) and showed more potential than that hideous blue thing with the mental train at the back. seriously, what the hell was that?! spew.

can't wait to see the rest!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my big decision

listening to: 'bye bye' - mariah carey

mariah's new album was leaked onto the net! i've been listening to it nonstop since yesterday.

anyway, the big decision i decided to share was that i've decided to volunteer for critic, the student magazine. at this stage i'm only going to put my name forward to do like book reviews and shizz, but it's a big step. i find it really hard to have people read my writing... the only reason i keep this blog is because i really really love to write, and the anonymity of the internet lets me hide a bit easier than writing full blown print articles in the student mag does.

so yeah. just thought i would share. wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i had a dream about those yellow shorts. and then i woke up. sadddd

Monday, April 7, 2008

cold snap = alana's increasing desire for cardigans

listening to: 'wreck of the day' - anna nalick

well friends daylight saving has brought about the official beginning of the southern hemisphere's autumn. which doesn't bother me too much, as i grew up in a little bitty town with a reputation for being a bit on the nippy side. although i still adamantly maintain that dunedin is in fact colder than invercargill.

cold weather means i get to bust out my cold weather clothes. yay! this autumn/winter my focus is going to be on an androgynous tailored layering vibe. i've started scouring online for oversized men's cardigans (so far i have found at least 4 that i am DESPERATE to have. and considering they range in price from $4 to $15 i think i will be able to purchase at least a couple. i think my favourites would have to be a vintage pierre cardin one (i can't tell if it is grey or soft blue, with white vertical stripes) and a basic olive marle one. there is also an alpaca wool women's longline cardi that i am dying for but reserve is already $27 so i will possibly miss out on that. i've also had a quick look at mens blazers, but as yet haven't found anything that i couldn't live without. i know layering oversized men's pieces isn't exactly original, but i need to invest in some more basics. hopefully i will come up with ways of jazzing things up a bit. my first paycheck from work comes next wednesday (sadly i handed in my paperwork too late to get it this week) and i am soo excited! it will be nice to be able to buy a few bits and bobs. however, as i also have to purchase a new outfit for a wedding on the 26th i somehow think my shopping will be limited for a few weeks more yet. i am really digging a super sharp silhouette, with more structure than a skyscraper. usually i would define myself (and others would do the same) as a very girly, feminine person; but i guess this is just another eg of my super eclectic personality emerging. since it's getting colder now i will probably be stuck in a jeans/boots combo (yaaaaawn) but it would be nice to keep things interesting up top.

on a completely opposite note, dad has finally booked our holiday to vanuatu this winter! we leave on june 25th and stay 7 nights at the iririki resort and spa, which is a 69-acre little island directly across from port vila. it looks absolutely amazing, and i can't wait to just go and relax on a white sandy beach. heaven! i definitely think the 3 of us need it. anyway, as a result i've decided i need to buy a new bathing suit, so i've been spending literally hours online having a looksee. moontide's 'stardust' is my pick right now, but i guess it'll depend on how much i can afford to spend! i am so super excited though. if anybody has been there i'd love to hear anything and everything about it.

so my updated wishlist right now includes:
1. super long cardigans
2. oversized tailored blazers. single breasted only. i'd like them to be quite low cut too
3. a new pair of slim cut jeans. i only have a pair in black, which i left at home, and i don't really like the bogan vibe they throw off
4. some crisp white shirts with big collars i can turn up and have poking out of cardis and blazers
5. a checkered scarf, still
6. an interesting hat of some description
7. swimsuit!!
8. bright red suspenders. or yellow. or maybe electric blue. ok so anything in a primary colour