Wednesday, August 15, 2007

shortland street: whos the bad man?

listening to: 'crossroads' - cream
i am thinking there are 3 contenders. so, until they stop dragging this out, i am going to be watching veeeeeeery closely.
so here are my picks. if i'm wrong, well hey... i'm never wrong.
1. Kieran the ex-pimp daddy
Obviously the main suspect - duh. But although he is rather shady, I think he's just being used as a decoy. I think his arrest last night is just something to throw viewers off the scent.
2. Joey the murse
What's dodgier than a murse? Especially one who got rejected by Claire right before her body was found. And to top that off, Meg was hitting on him all night before she was found outside the I.V. Definitely something fishy about him, but perhaps that is just something the writers are intentionally doing. Is he a murderer, or just a weirdo? Try not to let the fact that he's got a nontraditional career cloud your judgement.
3.Steve from the morgue
F.R.E.A.K. Strikes out with both Claire and Meg. Knew details about their murders that nobody else seemed to know. Maybe his business life has started merging into his personal life?
So, there go my top 3. Whoever it is, Mark is going to be in a LOT of strife. I bet he left a whole lot of hairy wee Mark sperms floating round in Meg!!
Ciao bellas!

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Bethy said...

i think that it's brenda. i have no evidence, but...i just don't trust the bitch.