Wednesday, August 8, 2007

joy bars and other things i heart

listening to: 'tears dry on their own' - amy winehouse [yep still obsessed]

does anybody remember these? apparently, in order to celebrate the 70th birthday of joy bars - chocolate on the outside, jellytip [best icecream flavour OF ALL TIME] on the inside mmm - they [whoever "they" are] have re-released them. yay! i remember getting them from the kiosk at queens park, after playing in the main playground but before heading to te castle.. so, after you read this, go out and get a joy bar. you definitely won't regret it yo!!

so, what else have i been thinking about lately? to be honest, not a lot. i know i have a couple of assignments due soon, so i've kind of been reading over some stuff... i have one for psyc112 [just my lab report, on social interdependence] and also a short essay for coms206, about the history of radio. it's very exciting times.

note to self: today you remembered that one of the books you want to read before you die is paradise lost.

today i also decided that as soon as i get paid tomorrow, i'm off to buy amy winehouse's 'back to black' cd: this obsession shows no sign of letting up. i never thought i would like a singer as much as mariah but i'm getting close!!

i was meant to go back up to dunedin today, but decided to stay down here to pick up my laptop. so i'm still at home, the highlight of my day being a walk round windsor with zsa zsa. in other words, invercargill has been pretty boring.
let's talk about invercargill for a second. i've lived here my entire life, and unlike 99% of the people my age i don't hate it, and was nonchalant about leaving. invercargill, according to, is "is favourably placed on the Southern Scenic Route and is the gateway to some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery and destinations including the Southland heartland, Stewart Island, Fiordland and the Catlins." it's a pretty small, obscure town but the people i know from down here are the best friends i could ever have. i guess it just illustrates that you can have fun wherever you are - it's what you make of it. cos we have definitely had a lot of crazy fun times down here!

I went to james hargest college [formerly james hargest high school] and year thirteen - our last year at school - was seriously the best year of my life. which was a massive relief, especially after the year that had preceded it. but i don't really have the guts to talk about that just yet. i didn't really do any extracurricular stuff, but i definitely had a flourishing social life. 2005 was undoubtedly a year in which i made the most of opportunities presented to me.

as much as i love invercargill, i know there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored and experienced. i'm a major daydreamer, and one of my favourite things to think about is which countries and places i'm dying to travel to. wanderlust has definitely been well and truly instilled in me by parents who have unfortunately never had the opportunity to experience the things they wanted to.

top 10 places i want to visit:

  1. barcelona, spain

  2. new york, usa

  3. gallipoli, turkey

  4. lisbon, portugal

  5. pompeii, italy

  6. ireland [in general, but especially dublin & county kerry]

  7. rwanda [in general, to do volunteer work]

  8. costa rica [in general]
  9. savannah, usa
  10. crete

i'm in a very list-ish mood tonight. so here's another one:

top 10 things i love right now

  1. amy winehouse

  2. joy bars

  3. jessica stam

  4. this pair of yellow patent leather open toed wedges that i saw... will buy them asap

  5. this picture:

  6. the colour orange [but then again, when am i not an advocate for orange??]

  7. big sunglasses as usual

  8. the fact that there are new posts on

  9. pantene hair masks

  10. the ending in 'harry potter & the deathly hallows'

well kids i'm out! kisses

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