Sunday, December 14, 2008

annual start-of-summer/resuming-blogging-again post

listening to: 'rien de rien' - edith piaf

hello hello! i am super aware of how slack my posting has been, and how neglectful i am as a blogger, but i had a rather busy second semester and just couldn't be bothered doing anything except study, drink and sleep haha. thankfully the study paid off, and i passed all my exams! only one more year of uni to go... exciting but scary at the same time. i've been back home for summer for just over a month now, but we only just got the internet hooked up so that further delayed getting my a into g and giving the blog a wee bit of attention.

anywho, summer has finally arrived, and yesterday i got the sunburn to prove it! silly silly alana... i plastered on the sunblock but then i kind of got engrossed in my book (the deep end of the ocean, by jacquelyn mitchard) and didn't realise how long had passed without another application. i also didn't turn over, so i look pretty freakin silly right now, as the redness is all on my front lol.

i don't have much to say right now, except that hopefully after christmas i get to do a bit more op shopping! i just wanted to swing by and say merry christmas, happy new year, and i promise i haven't forgotten anybody out there who still cares!