Monday, March 31, 2008

nothing fits

Little do men perceive what solitude is, and how far it extendeth.
For a crowd is not company, and faces are but a gallery of pictures
and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love.

- Francis Bacon

Sunday, March 30, 2008

a title that conjures up celebratory revelry!!

listening to: 'the dumbing down of love' - frou frou

wow! big time wow! not only did i yesterday FINALLY manage to nab myself a job - at a supermarket, blech - but i was also commented by none other than coco from coco's tea party!!

it kinda makes me feel a bit better, after i made a complete fool of myself last night... too much cheap chcask wine turns alana into a bit of a mess. but i scored a veeeery hot swedish guy, so it wasn't all bad - ha!

Friday, March 28, 2008

the wind beneath my wings

listening to: 'tangerine' - led zeppelin

it is 3:11 pm (friday) and i haven't sleep since around 9am thursday so please excuse the less than enthralling title. and probably also the following post.

all i seem to think about these days are the pieces i want to add to my wardrobe - the pieces i know i will probably never purchase (it's hard being a student, especially one who still has not found a job) but will lust over anyway. while it's definitely not as fulfilling as actually owning things, it's fun anyway and much cheaper.

what am i fantasising over right now? well lets see... firstly, a pair of bright yellow, high-waisted short shorts from topshop a la the flying saucer. if you haven't heard of her, check out my blogroll to the right... and if you have heard of her, click on her link anyway and head on over to check these shorts out for yourself. while it is now officially autumn here in the land of the long white cloud, we are still enjoying the longest summer weather in over a decade. although to be frank i'd prefer colder temperatures to global warming. i just want to pad around in short shorts and singlet tops but i don't want to scare people, not only with my completely inappropriate figure but also my pasty white legs. even in summers as glorious as this, my legs remain completely uncoloured while the rest of me turns lobster red. it is not attractive.

two words: rick owens.

and yes, i am jumping on the gladiator sandal bandwagon. i envy girls with legs long and lean enough to wear them. i'd love a pair in bronze...

i am a fan of the baggy, nonchalant 'i just threw this together' look, and a key staple of this look is the mansized loose button-down shirt. i want them in a variety of colours, specifically a nice light blue and also a white-based floral version. i'd wear them open over top of those delish yellow shorts and a white tank top, or otherwise i'd pair them with something more structured. like maybe a high waisted pencil skirt, with some of those radical nerd glasses to accessorise.

a huge checkered scarf, preferably in black and white, complete with fringe.

a quilted purse like the infamous chanel ones, except obviously not chanel. i lust after one in a sexy metallic purple colour, with a gold chain and clasp.

i know they are soo two seasons ago - or more? who knows who cares - but i saw a picture on the sartorialist of a woman wearing the most amazing high-waisted wide leg jeans. i have been on a real led zep kick lately and i'd just wanna lounge round in them, pretending i was robert plant's chick.

suspenders. i want a pair of bright red ones, maybe customised to have little rainbow coloured clasps. yummers.

i have also recently taken to wearing long tunics over leggings when i go out on the town. i have this really cool grey one with veeeeery subtle flecks of silver through it: it's got a beautiful scoop neck and pleats down the front, and sits really nicely. however today, while a friend and i were visiting the city council to get a new recycling bin for the flat we spotted market stalls over the road in the octagon. then i spotted a clothing stall and against my better judgement went and had a browse. i walked away with two more tunics: one is a very drapey kind of olivey/khaki colour with a keyhole cutout in the front and a wee button, and the other is very trendy... i'm talking block colours (black and bright blue, which i personally love against the colour of my hair).

that's about it. make love not war friends, and stay rad.

**UPDATE: oh, and a really loud, obnoxious, cheesy tourist t-shirt from like australia zoo or something. i'd wear those suspenders over top.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my continuing love for all things 'ye olde...'

listening to: 'hanging on too long' - duffy.

more & more i seem to be wanting to teleport myself back in time. i think it's stemmed from my growing adoration of music throwing off a vintage vibe. it all started with amy winehouse... and the list has grown to include (but is not restricted to) the puppini sisters, adele, and my newest favourite duffy. i strongly suggest you check out some of her music - she's quickly becoming my favourite. i've always been fascinated by history, especially the 1920s, 1940s, and 1970s. but if my heart could only be divvied up into two sections, the 1940s and 70s would take their rightful place in there. at the mo i am super into the 1940s - not a suprise given that so much of fashion and music right now, two of my most favourite things in the world, seem to be so centered on that era.

so i decided to share my love of these three epochs with you, faithful reader. if you exist, that is. i haven't had any comments in awhile, which is kinda depressing but not altogether unexpected as my most recent posts have admittedly lacked finesse, among other things. even i get bored with reading my blog, but then again everybody is always most critical when they reflect upon themselves.

when i think of the 1920s, i immediately think of f scott fitzgerald's masterpiece, the great gatsby. hardly original, i know, but after reading it (and watching the robert redford/mia farrow adaptation) i just HAD to satiate my appetite with anything else flapper-related i could get my hands on. especially his other works; although, incredibly frustratingly, every single time i go to the library to lend tender is the night it is always already taken; however over the summer holidays i did finally manage to procure the beautiful and damned. however, as i've already blathered on about my love for flapper-esque headbands, i'll skip right along to the 1940s.

pussy-bow blouses, waistcoats in tweed, sillohuette-hugging definition. when i think of taking the 1940s new look thing into the present day, i picture a pair of wide-legged jeans (with plenty of buttons) teamed with a body-con singlet tucked in, plenty of bracelets, and a jewel-hued capelet thrown nonchantly over the shoulders. or a pencil skirt and waistcoat combo, topped off with a tweed hat - not a fedora, that's too obvious, but a jaunty little baker boy cap. and a pair of gold-rimmed classic aviators, an ode to the stereotypical Pearl Harbour soldier.

From the stories i've heard, my parents were mega hippies back in the day. growing up i listened to a mixture of led zeppelin, hendrix, the who, pink floyd, the eagles, meatloaf, david bowie, marianne faithfull... all the good stuff. when i was little i wasn't a fan; but now i dig! i'm truly not just jumping on the floral bandwagon... not only am i a fan of the whole floathy, etheral - i'm loathe to say it - hippie buzz, but i am a bit of a girly girl. so florals really are right up my alley. you could take the same pair of jeans from your 40s ensemble and mix it with some long, lean crochet and an oversized floral shirt with rolled up sleeves. the messy hair/thin headband look a la susie bubble would look mega cute.

well it's late and i have an assignment due friday that i havent even begun - political campaigning in nz, and how it has changed since the introduction of the mmp system - and even though i probably won't do any tonight, i don't want to go to bed tooooo late otherwise i won't get up till midday tomorrow.

but before i go, i'd love to hear what eras other people have love affairs with. stay cool friends!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

i wish i was a seamstress!

listening to: 'faces going places' - jose vanders

today, courtesy of somewhere out there in the blogosphere, i discovered this story. is the brainchild of a brooklyn-born duo, nora abousteit & benedikta von karaisl. and i think it's going to be my new addiction, even if i never actually get around to making anything. where

they could have profited from selling their AMAZING clothing patterns online, they created a community. and now it's thriving: not only do they provide patterns, but registered users can also upload patterns of their own. it really is craft heaven... and makes me wish even more i had gotten mum to teach me how to sew before it was too late.

i haven't even made a substantial dent in the pages filled with patterns yet, and already i'm dreaming of whipping up a number of the ones i have seen. and the best thing is, if i ever gather up enough courage to attempt anything, there is a section of 'how to's' PLUS 'sewpedia' for any tricky definitions required...
everybody make sure you go check it out - creativity, especially shared creativity, like this deserves to be supported.

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st patty's!

listening to: 'emotional champ' - new buffalo

hey friends! hope you all have a sweet st patricks day planned... sadly, i am COMPLETELY broke. we have 2 bills to pay this week. so alana is not in the best mood today! although with hair like mine it's practically st patricks every day of my life.

to cheer me up, i decided to jump onto polyvore yet again. at first i was going to make a single st patrick's-inspired outfit, then i decided to make two: one for day, one for night.

but then i searched 'green' (haha original, right!).

there were just so many things catching my eyes.
i couldn't really single things out to the point where i would be able to create only two outfits.

so here is my pick of the finest green offerings available. if you could pick only one item, which would it be? i think mine would have to be the marni slouchy tote... yum. hmm. or maybe the bookworm boots from anthropologie. and the shoes from emma pink are delicious too. as is the chloe top. ok, so i can't decide. man, imagine what havoc i could wreak with a credit card. i think the world would blow up.

enjoy! and have an extra guinness for me!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

back to school, yo.

listening to: 'american boys' - estelle feat. kanye west

yes, i know, i've been mega slack on the blogging lately. but i blame stupid uni!! i have been flat tack trying to keep up with the crazy amounts of reading i've had to do. i'm doing a mere 3 papers this semester, and i'm incredibly glad i didn't sign up for more than that! i am still really liking my papers, inneresting blah blah, but the amount of work?! not so much.

here in dunedin - studentville, basically - there are 3 groups of dressers.

1. average joes: nothing special. i, sadly, fit into this category; although since my job prospects are looking up i'll actually be able to afford new threads! woot.

2. clones: girls with matching EVERYTHING. matching fake tan, matching black puffa jackets, matching skinny jeans (light blue this year, i see), matching black leather boots.

3. indie kids: those who actually make an effort to dress creatively. sadly, clones are starting to infiltrate that group too...

anyway, back to the main reason for this (well overdue) post. i always pay particular attention to the "alternative" dressers. the real ones, not the ones who are wearing their scarves that way because it's been deemed cool. i love seeing how they put themselves together. it's so nice to see people steering clear of glassons.

i decided to put together a couple of outfits which i could picture someone wearing around campus. if i keep following my diet and exercise plan (GO ME!) and combine that with a bit of extra moolah i may be that girl! to all those in dunedin, keep your eyes peeled over the coming months.

as you all should know by now, i'm a sucker for baggy cardis. i am also kinda digging a roman/greek vibe, and even though the metallic cuff doesn't automatically conjure images of ancient times, i think it's a pretty modern take on that look. maybe it'd be more obvious if it was in bronze?

being a nerd is in man! i love that brogues are trendy with the hipsters these days - and i think this colour really funks them up. still digging the knee highs... is everybody else over them yet? oh and ps, polyvore has made me fall in love with rick owens. duh i'd heard of him and everything but here he isn't exactly a household name. but i love the slouchiness of his stuff... way cool.

i really like this, though i think i would have to partake in a little dutch courage before venturing outside in this. i forgot to put in like a tanktop for under the cardigan... oops. the first item i spotted was that amazing prada clutch - and yes, i basically built the entire outfit around that. it reminds me of the tarantino movie, true romance. i think this is something alabama would definitely wear, but i'm betting she'd pair it with a push up bra. and the jacket wouldn't stay on long.

i am so so in love with crisp white shirt dresses these days. this one is a bit too long for the look i was going for, but the detailing on the front was exactly what i was picturing in my minds eye. it'd look great with a tan no doubt! i was looking for some kind of roman gladiator style sandals - i'm pretty sure they were deemed 'out' again years ago, but this is my blog and that's how i roll!! - but after spotting these divine lanvin ones i couldn't stop fantasising over them

check out my polyvore ( for details on any of the pieces. oh and if you're super dedicated, you should search for claire de lune... i wish i could style the way she can!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

for the first time in a long time

listening to: 'grace is gone' - dave matthews band

sorry i haven't been keeping up with the posts in awhile. i have had so much work to do for uni that i've barely had time to browse blogs myself, let alone actually write one. although to be honest part of my lack of writing is because i am still on a bit of a downbuzz, and didn't really want to bore you further.

i don't have too much to write about, except i wanted to post some pictures of my new guess clutch! a dear dear friend of my mum's was here in dunedin last weekend for her son's basketball tournament, and she took me out to lunch. it was lovely to see her - it was nice to be able to talk to somebody about mum. i'm missing her so much. all i want is to be able to just ring her and tell her how shitty my days have been lately. i feel so alone up here. i've basically been sitting alone in my room at random intervals listening to a playlist i made on my ipod, crying and staring at the last birthday card mum ever gave me.

but back to my story. rosey and i had lunch at a wee cafe and then had a bit of a browse in some shops. we were in andrea biani, and she was choosing a new handbag to buy for herself - just to interrupt: lipstick red, beautiful hand-tooled embossed leather. it's soo soft, and basically i was drooling - when i happened to mention how pretty i thought this silver clutch was. i was browsing through the shoes while rosey was paying for her bag, and when she turned around she had bought me the purse! i didn't know what to say... on one hand i feel super awful, because it was $65! but on the other, i wasn't going to turn down a guess clutch lol.

so here's a snap... hope you love it as much as i do!! sorry my photography skillz are below par; way below par. it's next to my balenciaga motorcycle bag, which i got online. therefore i'm not sure of it's authenticity... but i loved it anyway! i broke the zip tho :(

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

mentally moving on?

listening to: 'walking on broken glass' - annie lennox
i love them all, and appreciate everything that they have offered me.
but i can picture myself moving on, away from, some people i hang out with these days.

is that a really snotty thing to say? i don't know. i just feel like i'm kind of expanding, or trying to expand anyway (haha although not literally, actually my diet and exercise regime has been much much stricter the past week or so, go me!!). i'm not saying i like hate my friends and want or need to get away from them or anything!! but i just feel like i'm not the REAL me around some of them. a lot of the time anyway. there are elements of the real me that shine through, but it's not the full picture. i think everybody sees me as a one-dimensional person, and i don't see myself that way at all.

i have so many interests and ideas, and while they are generally centred around the same basic idea or principle they are varied and eclectic. even my music taste shows how random and broad my likes are. i can listen to basically anything and find something beautiful in it; even if i don't like it, i generally appreciate it. or parts of it. and i'd like to find some friends like that. i like to have different kinds of friends, so i can be challenged/entertained/whatever in different ways.

and i'd like some friends who appreciated the whole me - even if they didn't like the same things as me, or agree with me all the time. i don't want a circle of monochromatic friends who think and behave in the exact same way as i do. i want to be able to talk about fashion, politics, music, ideology. i want to be able to talk about books, and movies that don't revolve around toilet humour. some of my friends know about my blog; and sometimes i feel like an outsider simply for having one. trust me, not everything is as trivial as that. just idle comments and ignorance has really been wearing me down lately. it's ridiculous that i can't feel like myself around the people who are supposedly closest to me.

my life at the moment is just same shit different day. although it's not so bad now: my classes are super intriguing, and i'm enjoying them alot. i like living with the people i live with, but other than that i'm just not sure i share anything in common with many of friends other than our usual weekend debauchery. it's not particularly multi-faceted.

humph. maybe it's just tuesday-itis. is this just a slump, or a fully fledged rut? i am undecided.

id fashion week

listening to: 'kashmir' - led zeppelin

so last week was id fashion week - unless you're from new zealand, you probably haven't even heard of it. it's held right here in dunedin (unfortunately i have never been able to go - tickets are a little out of my student price range haha). airnz new zealand fashion week is held in october, for the last 9 years id has followed on from the official new zealand fashion week.

dunedin is known for being a bit artsy, and it has a pretty solid reputation here in new zealand for having pretty sweet bands and other creative shiz. like some very very talented designers: tanya carlson, for one, is from dunedin and has consistently shown a collection. sadly though this was her final year... before moving north to auckland (gag). other designers who hit the runway - thought to be the longest in the world - this year include cherry cotton candy, nom*d, and keucke. plus a ton more, including capsule collections and also some students from otago polytech's fashion design degree. AND the guest designer this year was none other than adrian hailwood, whose label hailwood has branched out from his signature, adored t-shirts to full on womenswear (and menswear too!). the fact that the place-getters in the emerging designers award were from australia, new zealand and the netherlands of all places should show you how reputable this week is slowly becoming.

i'm super annoyed that the official website didn't have photos of the entire collections; only a review with one or two photos attached. POOR EFFORT. from what i've read and seen, online and in reviews in the otago daily times, the trends set at fashion week follow on from what is currently being shown worldwide. some key trends were:

  • 40s-era silhouettes
  • inky indigo blue/purple hues including aubergine &violet
  • capes!
  • fusion between masculinity/femininity
  • equestrian-chic
  • plaid
  • grey, rather than the previously eponymous black (staple part of the dunedin palette)
  • fur stoles

    although still retaining a tie to an avant-garde vibe so often associated with id - for example, sharn blackwell's 'freaks', which saw unexpected 3d silhouettes traipsing down the runway - the majority of it all was very wearable. this year the focus was on the tailoring, which was superb and illustrated how world-class our national fashion scene is becoming. my only criticism would be that now we need to start leading the trends, rather than following them. designers here have well and truly mastered their craft; but i think it's time to inject some innovation into the collections: new zealanders are always proud of the 'kiwi ingenuity' that runs through our veins, so it would be nice to see that reflected in our clothing. i'm not saying that kiwi designers follow trends to the letter: that is far from the truth. as shown at id, they use worldwide trends as a base and reinvent them according to their personal design asthetics. but it's time to up the ante in the innovation stakes.

    to have a wee browse of what was on offer, go here. and let me know what you think of the new zealand fashion scene!!