Saturday, August 11, 2007

rargh! don't wanna go back to the flat!!

listening to: 'colourful' - rocco deluca

i really am dreading going back up to the flat tomorrow. it's been a blast pretty much the whole year, but lately everything has just driven me crazy and it's turned me into this cranky irritable mess. i've done sweet f-all the ENTIRE time i've been home, and it's been insanely boring. but at least my sister has worked for a large portion of my time at home, thus reducing the amount of time i have had to deal with her. i'm super glad i've got my new laptop now: might spend as much time as humanly possible alone in my room, just me and my sweet sweet laptop. definitely looking forward to our flat next year.

tonight i was watching this tv show called hotel inspector. and the hotel being inspected - ha.ha. - had a really swish function room which they were trying to turn into like a really popular place for people to have wedding receptions. so, obviously, i was hooked!

the mere fact that i know that website - since the age of 14 - should tell you something. i am royally obsessed with weddings. my worst fear in life is to always be a bridesmaid, never the bride. and at the rate i'm going this fear will be realised. anyway, this show reminded me of the movie the wedding planner with j.ho in it. there is this one scene that really resonated with me: she's planned this incredibly lush, romantic wedding... and then she goes home to her meal-for-one and turns back the covers of one side of her bed.

last night i was talking to tim about the possibility of going to brisbane next year. i would really love to, for obvious reasons: but i'm only gonna go if i'm skinny. wouldn't want to go over there unless i could show something off in a bikini for jade, haha. speaking of which, i haven't stuck to my diet AT ALL the entire time i've been home. oh well... if i don't buy the naughty foods in dunedin, then i won't have them to eat. problem solved.

anyway, brisbane next year would be super rad. damo & jade live in an apartment right in the middle of the city, and even if we went in winter it would still be hot enough for us invercargillites! not sure how it would work though, if i was the only girl with a bunch of guys. however, i am planning on being hot enough to attract the attention of one of them. but we'll see how i go.

just thought i would write a wee ditty... sorry the content is so worthless, oops!


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