Tuesday, August 21, 2007

entering the political arena..

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this morning i joined young labour.

recently i have become more focused [slash concerned] with the world at large: not just my own insular one. i've found myself paying quite a bit of extra attention to politics, especially politics here in new zealand. next year is my very first opportunity to vote!! mega excited.

when i told my parents i had decided to join, i accidentally said national instead of labour... mum just about choked haha. oh how such slips of the tongue can turn into chaotic hilarity! the 3 of us laughed for seriously 10 minutes straight: what a joke! just imagine me voting for john key.

i'd rather see a government that at the end of the day is trying to do the best they can for all new zealanders than one that is looking to simply line the pockets of those who least need it, and then sell the country out to the bullies in the white house and canberra..

i'm quite looking forward to possibly becoming more active in it all: at the moment i've only registered, and am expecting an email from the dunedin branch soon. not sure if i will attend meetings etc straight away; in all honesty i don't have any specific knowledge of policy and would rather not sound like an uninformed cretin. will also be interesting to hear the views of people who actually share my ideologies for a change. i've been busy reading up on one of the links on the yl website [http://www.younglabour.org.nz/joomla/] to heads up, which briefly outlines all the policies of labour. but i'm not presumptuous enough at this stage to go to a meeting armed with an inadequate amount of information!

in other news, we have signed up for a flat for next year. i'm glad to get it all sorted even if it wasn't my first choice; unfortunately for me all the other ones seem to be snapped up already. fingers crossed i don't get stuck with a crappy room again!!

hmm what else do i have to report? still haven't made a start on my assignment. just not in the mood to focus at the moment. i don't know what else i can do to try and relax. i feel like my brain is going in 50 different directions at once.. i'm trying to stay out of the public eye for a wee bit so i don't lash out at anybody inappropriate, haha. attempting to breath deeply and all that jazz.

sometimes i wonder why i'm writing this as if anybody reads my blog. but i suppose that even writing to an imaginary audience is better than not writing at all. and at least it's thereapeutic; a form of expression i so desperately need, especially right now.

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