Sunday, August 5, 2007

baby's first blog.

listening to: '20 good reasons' - thirsty merc
well here i am, finally joining the whole blogging craze.
but with pretty much everything else i have ever attempted, i have arrived [far] too late to be trendy. le sigh.
i'm alana, and even though my grammar throughout this will be for the most part adhered to, i never type in capitals. unless i'm p-d off.i'm not really sure what to write about, especially now. do i tell you about myself? basically the only reason i've joined is to vent all the trivial intricacies of my mind so i don't go crazy. or drive my friends crazy. i have a myspace and a bebo, which is where most of my friends are at, but those aren't really places to discuss how neurotic you are.
i've lived in the same small city in new zealand for my entire 19 years. for the past 2 of those 19 years i have been studying in dunedin; but i don't consider that home. more about my studies, and how mindless they are, later.
my parents are relatively happily married and i have a younger sister who drives me insane. more on her later too.
i am a pretty average, unremarkable person, especially on the surface. maybe here i can express myself in ways i can't anywhere else.
ps: hopefully over the duration of this blog my writing will become less pretentious and actually resemble something readable.
stay rad.

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