Wednesday, January 23, 2008

time to play pretend

listening to: 'only to be with you'- roachford ... an oldie but a goodie

now that i know i have AT LEAST one reader i think i better step up my game and a)write something worth reading and b)write something on a regular basis (or at least stop posting in such erratic intervals).

back at work again. had a relatively uneventful tuesday - sad to hear about heath ledger. i also tried out a new recipie for a chicken dish for tea, but it was pretty average.

so what did i do all day? i lived in fantasy-land, and dreamily composed dozens of different outfits. i think that can be even more fun than really shopping: sometimes all that harsh lighting exposes imperfections id rather pretend didn't exist.

in preparation for my return to uni, im currently fixated on the following:

1. looooong cardigans - preferably grey
2. crisp white cotton shirts
3. slouchy brown boots
4. worn, distressed, ancient - but not manky - old brown leather satchels (i like to match accessories. i dont care if thats not how all the cool kids roll, but this is my blog.)
5. layering layering layering
6. vintage silk scarves in bright, garish abstract prints
7. raspberry coloured opaques
8. big chunky cable knit ANYTHING
9. this amazing dove grey stella mccartney trench coat that i am going to BEG dad to buy me for my birthday... its an absolute bargain on . if anybody else bids on this, i will find you.
10. BIG buttons.

strange, yes, considering it is still the height of summer right now. but dunedin is renowned for its freezing cold winters, and i guess i've just been thinking about it a lot. and yes, to me my school wardrobe is key concern - im hoping that if i look fab ill be able to focus on getting good marks, rather than daydream incessantly about all the items i covet. plus i figure that if i have fun getting dressed every morning i won't be tempted to throw on a pair of worn out canterbury pants and leave my hair uncombed, thus skip classes and lounge around the flat all day watching dr phil and eating too much.

i'm still looking for the perfect grey cardie, although i do have my eye on a great taupe marcs one. granted, it has short sleeves, so isn't technically wintery; but note number 5 - layering. it will look great with a white skivvy underneath methinks! i also managed to pick up a raspberry insidious fix cardigan. i love having pieces that brighten up my otherwise dreary, mainly black, ensembles. i have a really cute little pleated dove grey skirt which it will look swell with.

hmmm what else do i have my eye on? about 3 satchels, im still deciding. a pair of black slouchy boots from sachi - i already have a brown pair, but they definitely couldn't be called slouchy. this silk scarf with an amazing floral print: all different shades of blue. I also treated myself and bought a high waisted pencil skirt (with detachable suspenders - will probably remove these), complete with BIG buttons lol. i know i know, i'm about a year too late to jump onto the highwaisted bandwagon; but it is a look i absolutely love! i think the thing with me is that i want to look trendy and hip (don't we all? secretly at least) but there are trends that i just fall in love with, and would continue to wear long after they have been discarded by everyone else. and that's when being fashionable evolves into something resembling personal style.

i don't really care if high waists are "out" !!! ill admit it here and now, my favourite outfits (for myself) would all have me looking like a librarian - although i'd vamp it up with brigitte bardot hair and a smoky brown eyelid. i love that preppy, sleek look... i'm not really the kind of person who takes too many crazy bold risks when i dress. i definitely admire those who do, but i think there is something old-world about my personality, and my dream wardrobe would reflect that. i agree with the bubble - who says that you should wear your clothes, rather than letting them wear you. a person wearing the way they want to be perceived by the world, or emulating an epoch they adore, or always adding a signature piece to every outfit is always going to look better than a person wearing top-to-toe trends, hands down.


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