Tuesday, January 29, 2008

if i was said stage mother, zooey deschanel would be my favourite child

here comes zooey deschanel!! i love this look for her. it reminds me of a dress julie christie wore in sound of music (no joke) that has always stuck in my mind - in a good way! and the colour is so pretty... the fitted waist is seriously beautiful.

i would never say anything negative 'bout about my zooey, but i have to admit i do prefer the top half of the dress to the bottom. but i admire how she wears such different clothes to other people... a true style icon.

this whole silohuette is just stunning. the fit is perfect. ahhhhhh what else can i even say?! i am speechless.. so tailored, so amazing.

gorgeous in grey... the tiny interspersion of black is very elegant. and i love how she is sans fake tan! a rarity!!
the bow. the puffiness at the top at the sleeves. the black opaques. the 60s fit of the minidress. sigh-o-rama.

ballerina zooey... i think that neckline is just absolutely gorgeous. and the colour is super pretty.

the classiest plunging neckline i have ever seen. this dress is amazing: i love the colour, and again the sleek top half jutting out into a puffy skirt is really tickling my fancy! she looks gorgeous. not sure about the shoes though??

the neckline is the first thing my eye notices. love the cream poking out of the navy. really unusual jersey, but i dig it.

the accent of purple at the neckline is beautiful.

looking gorgeous in a floral minidress. i think part of the secret formula to wearing a minidress right is definitely ensuring that it's loose and breezy: gets rid of the tramp factor! i also really like how she has winterfied a floaty summer dress with the black tights.

sigh.. wish i was skinny enough to pull off horizontal stripes! the slouchy fit and the different hues of grey look good, but i think the navy hoops add an extra something.

the dress is hard to make out but it's the best i could do! perfect for a red carpet event while still staying true to her indie reputation. it's hard to picture some of the hollywood big guns rocking this dress the way zooey does, huh? charlize theron - no. jennifer aniston - nope. halle berry - uh uh. (too old school).

love the bow.

possibly the only girl in the world who could outshine reese witherspoon... no mean feat, considering her outfit is a basic combo of black & white.

hard to see (sorry bout that!!) but i do love the crochet detail around the neckline; and the chunky belt: it reminds me of the show 'big love' - it looks like something chloe sevigny's character would wear with one of her long denim skirts.

i'm sorry... i just couldn't resist throwing this picture in.

the collar of her coat is just stunning: and it works well with the scarf - very discreet co-ordination. the flecks of blue visible in the dress add even further to the outfit: the flattering hues pull it together just perfectly, without being "perfect". and how cute are those shoes????

inspired juxtaposition of the monochromes. i love the casual air the oversized shirt dress gives, and love the little details such as the stark, crisp collar and the ever-so-slight bubble hem.

i think this is my favourite... although i feel the bardot-style hair may be influencing me! that navy blue looks heavenly.. definitely a nice change from seeing basic black everywhere. i love the accents of cream, especially the oversized clutch.

proof that the hollywood set COULD look unique while still being red-carpet appropriate. the exact right amount of detailing.. and black opaques as usual.

even though you can't really see the outfit - ok, you can't see the outfit at all - i wanted to include this simply because of the beautiful little headband. why is it that whenever i try to make a headband like this look "jaunty" it just looks forced? i guess because her kind of style is something i'll never be able to replicate!!

ok definitely time for bed... you know you're exhausted when you spell "jaunty" J-A-U-N-T-R-Y. please let me know if i've missed any more errors (grammatical, spelling or otherwise).

ps: HOW does she get her skin that luminous?!


amber at painfullyhip.com said...

Hey! I love what you're blogging! Thanks so much for the Hip Love, I've totally linked you back. For some reason your email didn't include your email address, so I thought I'd let you know this way that you're totally awesome and I can't wait to read more. We've actually discontinued the "Painfully Hip Site of the Week" for the moment, out of extreme laziness, but if you want to, we'd be honored if your site would like to brandish one of our Painfully Hip site badges (only for our blogroll). There's one featuring the most painfully adorable actress alive, Zooey D (seriously? her blue eyes make my heart hurt a little)!
Anyway, thanks again for the lovin!

Gabriella Rowe said...

Hey I was wondering if you knew Who made the dress that Zooey is wearing in the first picture, the pink dress, or what interview its from, I just think its gorgeous and I need it in my life, haahaa thanks