Thursday, January 31, 2008

new shoes!

listening to: 'ex-factor' - lauryn hill

well even though i don't have pictures yet - i left my digital camera at a mate's house last weekend - i just wanted to share my excitement with everyone.. what is it in a girl's dna that makes us get butterflies just from shopping? is it just me? i think i have an addiction.

sadly, no, it isn't the oscar de la renta clutch (ha! wishful thinking alana jayne..). pretty boring really: just basics for the new year at uni. my fun was derived - at first - mostly from the fun of being let loose by my sister to pick out clothes for her. how do you get into the personal shopper industry, i wonder? i think that is DEFINITELY a career i would excel in lol.

anyway, back to me. the most exciting personal purchase made today (okay, yesterday. i had work last night and it is now 2am NZ time) was a pair of theeeeeee coolest heels. they are black, patent looking, with a super demure round toe. they are the highest heels i own, apart from my impulse buy of silver peep-toe wedges that i ADORE but am too afraid to wear, and i plan on wearing them on my birthday this saturday. i wore them around the house all afternoon... when renee asked why i told her it was important to wear new shoes in, especially if you plan on dancing the night away while wearing them. but the truth was of course that i just wanted to feel super pretty as i pottered round, lounging on the patio in the sun and feeding the cats. yes my day was that exciting.

can't wait to put up some pics - although to be honest i'm nervous. i've been sitting here critiquing the outfits of others and still haven't posted any of myself. a wee bit hypocritical maybe? more like now that my eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of amazing street fashion i'm even more unhappy with my own incredibly dull, generic outfits. so don't be suprised if the only picture you get is of my feet!

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