Sunday, January 27, 2008

stage mother (boboniaa)

i love the preppiness of this super sportif outfit: upturned collars are so collegiate and HOT. especially when they offer you a peep of the unexpected: the stripes look wonderful.

whoever said neutrals were boring was a liar. this shift dress is redeemed by that two-tone detailing on the front. i also really like how she has paired the crisp, tailored dress with simple accessories: plain shoes, minimal jewellery and the beautiful sunglasses. her statement piece is definitely the bag; and it works because of the simplicity of everything else.

my favourite. that dress is just amazing.. so crisp! the accents of green - the heels and especially the headband - take it to the next level.. i love the slouchy fit of the dress, and the collar is so clean and sharp. LOVE.

i. love. this. print. (oh, and the belt).

the fun polka dots, paired with a classic summer coat, would look lovely on their own - the exceptional acessories make it even more special. i am in love with her shoes. the cinched waist soften a somewhat structured silohuette.

perfect silohuette. the proportion of the turtleneck in relation to the slim cut jeans is spot on; and the electric blue of the beads against the green looks beautiful. loving the round-ish toe on the metallic heels.

super cute playsuit. really flirty and fun... i love the hints of red, especially the low-slung belt. the pleating on the shorts is beautiful.

she truly can do no wrong! that is perhaps the most perfectly-knotted scarf i have ever seen. it's hard to make black and white look wrong, but it's harder to make black and white look interesting. the metallic heels add a nice touch, and make me want to drool.

who would have thought chocolate and lime would go together so well? only she, queen of quirky style. casual without being boring.

loving the print! and the accessories - the belt and the beautiful green shoes - are perfection. everything looks like it belongs together, but doesn't look matchy-matchy (gag).
the shorts are perfect. i love the buttons.

the trilby is right on trend; and i love the neutrals paired with the green. the vest injects something really special into an otherwise simple outfit, without overpowering the simplicity and casual air of it all.

the dress is so simple but stunning: beautiful palette of shades. and yes, another scarf. love it!

huge fan of pleats; here they are at their finest: highwaisted, raspberry... what more could i ask for?

i am in love with this pink tunic! raspberry = love. also the white flats are leaving me drooling.. love the cheeky peek of shorts under the tunic.


Miss Woo said...

Crikey, every single outfit is amazing. Some people just have a natural way with colours!

myy said...

I love her

alana said...

me too... i agree, those colours are fantastic! but it's even more than that - her personality just oozes beyond her clothes. i'm so jealous :(