Sunday, January 27, 2008

so this is how it feels to be a stage mother... [facehunter]

listening to: 'live forever' - oasis

first of all, before i get too into this post, i can assure you that the song choice is unintentional - my itunes is on shuffle and i was reminded how much i love this song - but definitely fitting. i've been trying to think of something to post about, when i realised that following the writers idiom of 'write what you know' is exactly what i should be doing in this instance. so here goes..

at the moment, my clothes are boring.

they are uninspired, they are mass produced, they are thrown together simply because my laundry basket is overflowing and i'm procrastinating doing the washing (trust me, if you had as many things to do around the house as i do you would too). i have also purchased a quite a few new items for my wardrobe online, trying to bulk the 'interesting piece' factor up a bit, but i'm having them all sent to my flat in dunedin - i don't want dad to know how much i'm spending on clothes, as i owe him 2 weeks worth of rent. don't feel too sorry for him, he has plenty to spare but doesn't share a lot of it.

this is why i am spending so much time on the internet lately! after dad has left to go to work, of course (he works at the southland times too - yes yes i know, nepotism at it's finest - and doesn't start until early afternoon). looking at other people's outfits, so vastly superior to my own, gives me such a buzz. i can finally understand how dina lohan feels!!

facehunter, the sartorialist, susie bubble and especially wardrobe_remix on flickr are my salvation! i've decided to share a few of my favourites: this is merely a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the images i've saved to my computer. i don't want to put off anybody who might be reading this with a super slow connection, so i'm going to try and be as frugal as i can with the images.

let's start with facehunter:

such a gorgeous colour! and the hat is incredible.

i think this is my very favourite! i love the jacket. i love the chunky white bracelet (i have one similar, i wish i could wear it this well). the black peeking out from the jacket - the exact right lengths, they work so well together. then there is the tights... the shoes... whoever this girl is, well done!

that jacket! how jealous can i be of one girl? she carries off such a costume-y piece with ease - you've got to love it. the jeans have such a beautiful wash too.

the most beautiful leather jacket i have ever seen in my life.

the whole combo works so well: the oversized scarf (sigh), the high waist - those buttons are great, the leather jacket... I admire how she has worn so many colours, without looking like a nutbar!

1 word: scarf. that's all i have to say.

i love the buttons in such an unexpected place. love the hint of the tartan on her sleeves poking out; and of course i love the coloured knee highs - such an unusual colour, but it looks great. oh, and her impossibly beautiful hair.

i was first attracted to this picture because of that fabulous glossy fringe; but the more i look at it, the more i admire the clothes. i'm definitely a big grey fan as it is, and i love that pretty ruffled detail around the neckline.

a great way of wearing neons without looking like a nu-rave kid. and i love her hair!

i'm sure tolstoy would approve: i especially love the delicate print of the skirt, and the oversized clutch.

i'm a sucker for wrap tops, and this is gorgeous - drapes perfectly, and in a wonderful fabric. i used to hate prints, but at the moment i am really digging bright abstracts - especially on silky material. reminds me of scarves, which as we all know, i am a wee bit obsessed with at the moment.

i love the volume of the skirt, contrasted with the top tucked in. so feminine, but not overtly so. love the colours.

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