Tuesday, January 29, 2008

everybody, meet my significant other

listening to: 'here comes the summer' - fiery furnaces

i am in love.

oversized clutches have been hot for awhile - wait, are they still cool? the trouble with being stranded in the isolation of the antipodes is that trends tend to take quite awhile to arrive. anyway, i love big handbags and i love clutches, so whether they are still jude-law-hot or not (wait, is HE still hot??), i'm gonna love them regardless.

this beautiful little puppy is by oscar de la renta (yes, i just swooned a little). too bad i don't have a spare £650 floating around. if i did, i'd pair it with a simple charcoal dress (complete with bateau neckline) and the bright red jimmy choo eliza sandals i also found on net-a-porter. if anybody wants to donate funds to the "buy alana an oversized clutch" found, email me... i'll give you my bank account details. no?


Kristin said...

i'd love to exchange links! i'm adding you now!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

hahah OO i need ot go out and get a significant other too....