Friday, March 28, 2008

the wind beneath my wings

listening to: 'tangerine' - led zeppelin

it is 3:11 pm (friday) and i haven't sleep since around 9am thursday so please excuse the less than enthralling title. and probably also the following post.

all i seem to think about these days are the pieces i want to add to my wardrobe - the pieces i know i will probably never purchase (it's hard being a student, especially one who still has not found a job) but will lust over anyway. while it's definitely not as fulfilling as actually owning things, it's fun anyway and much cheaper.

what am i fantasising over right now? well lets see... firstly, a pair of bright yellow, high-waisted short shorts from topshop a la the flying saucer. if you haven't heard of her, check out my blogroll to the right... and if you have heard of her, click on her link anyway and head on over to check these shorts out for yourself. while it is now officially autumn here in the land of the long white cloud, we are still enjoying the longest summer weather in over a decade. although to be frank i'd prefer colder temperatures to global warming. i just want to pad around in short shorts and singlet tops but i don't want to scare people, not only with my completely inappropriate figure but also my pasty white legs. even in summers as glorious as this, my legs remain completely uncoloured while the rest of me turns lobster red. it is not attractive.

two words: rick owens.

and yes, i am jumping on the gladiator sandal bandwagon. i envy girls with legs long and lean enough to wear them. i'd love a pair in bronze...

i am a fan of the baggy, nonchalant 'i just threw this together' look, and a key staple of this look is the mansized loose button-down shirt. i want them in a variety of colours, specifically a nice light blue and also a white-based floral version. i'd wear them open over top of those delish yellow shorts and a white tank top, or otherwise i'd pair them with something more structured. like maybe a high waisted pencil skirt, with some of those radical nerd glasses to accessorise.

a huge checkered scarf, preferably in black and white, complete with fringe.

a quilted purse like the infamous chanel ones, except obviously not chanel. i lust after one in a sexy metallic purple colour, with a gold chain and clasp.

i know they are soo two seasons ago - or more? who knows who cares - but i saw a picture on the sartorialist of a woman wearing the most amazing high-waisted wide leg jeans. i have been on a real led zep kick lately and i'd just wanna lounge round in them, pretending i was robert plant's chick.

suspenders. i want a pair of bright red ones, maybe customised to have little rainbow coloured clasps. yummers.

i have also recently taken to wearing long tunics over leggings when i go out on the town. i have this really cool grey one with veeeeery subtle flecks of silver through it: it's got a beautiful scoop neck and pleats down the front, and sits really nicely. however today, while a friend and i were visiting the city council to get a new recycling bin for the flat we spotted market stalls over the road in the octagon. then i spotted a clothing stall and against my better judgement went and had a browse. i walked away with two more tunics: one is a very drapey kind of olivey/khaki colour with a keyhole cutout in the front and a wee button, and the other is very trendy... i'm talking block colours (black and bright blue, which i personally love against the colour of my hair).

that's about it. make love not war friends, and stay rad.

**UPDATE: oh, and a really loud, obnoxious, cheesy tourist t-shirt from like australia zoo or something. i'd wear those suspenders over top.


hannah said...

i love the sound of all of this, especially the mansized shirt, i love that look. great post. i really love your blog.

Fashion Ivy said...

consider urself linked

surviving myself said...

okay, I don't know nearly as much as you about fashion, but the post title was pretty funny.

it was supposed to be funny, right?

coco said...

that sounds extreeme but they seriously are! hahah
so I understand you wanting one so much

Marsadie said...

Oh wow I love your list! I want high-waisted shorts as well...