Thursday, March 20, 2008

i wish i was a seamstress!

listening to: 'faces going places' - jose vanders

today, courtesy of somewhere out there in the blogosphere, i discovered this story. is the brainchild of a brooklyn-born duo, nora abousteit & benedikta von karaisl. and i think it's going to be my new addiction, even if i never actually get around to making anything. where

they could have profited from selling their AMAZING clothing patterns online, they created a community. and now it's thriving: not only do they provide patterns, but registered users can also upload patterns of their own. it really is craft heaven... and makes me wish even more i had gotten mum to teach me how to sew before it was too late.

i haven't even made a substantial dent in the pages filled with patterns yet, and already i'm dreaming of whipping up a number of the ones i have seen. and the best thing is, if i ever gather up enough courage to attempt anything, there is a section of 'how to's' PLUS 'sewpedia' for any tricky definitions required...
everybody make sure you go check it out - creativity, especially shared creativity, like this deserves to be supported.

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