Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st patty's!

listening to: 'emotional champ' - new buffalo

hey friends! hope you all have a sweet st patricks day planned... sadly, i am COMPLETELY broke. we have 2 bills to pay this week. so alana is not in the best mood today! although with hair like mine it's practically st patricks every day of my life.

to cheer me up, i decided to jump onto polyvore yet again. at first i was going to make a single st patrick's-inspired outfit, then i decided to make two: one for day, one for night.

but then i searched 'green' (haha original, right!).

there were just so many things catching my eyes.
i couldn't really single things out to the point where i would be able to create only two outfits.

so here is my pick of the finest green offerings available. if you could pick only one item, which would it be? i think mine would have to be the marni slouchy tote... yum. hmm. or maybe the bookworm boots from anthropologie. and the shoes from emma pink are delicious too. as is the chloe top. ok, so i can't decide. man, imagine what havoc i could wreak with a credit card. i think the world would blow up.

enjoy! and have an extra guinness for me!

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selinaoolala said...

eek i hate st patricks day, everyone thinks i'm really irish too; i've never even been to ireland! though i am a quarter irish... anyway thanks for the comment on my blog :) i'll link you!