Sunday, March 16, 2008

back to school, yo.

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yes, i know, i've been mega slack on the blogging lately. but i blame stupid uni!! i have been flat tack trying to keep up with the crazy amounts of reading i've had to do. i'm doing a mere 3 papers this semester, and i'm incredibly glad i didn't sign up for more than that! i am still really liking my papers, inneresting blah blah, but the amount of work?! not so much.

here in dunedin - studentville, basically - there are 3 groups of dressers.

1. average joes: nothing special. i, sadly, fit into this category; although since my job prospects are looking up i'll actually be able to afford new threads! woot.

2. clones: girls with matching EVERYTHING. matching fake tan, matching black puffa jackets, matching skinny jeans (light blue this year, i see), matching black leather boots.

3. indie kids: those who actually make an effort to dress creatively. sadly, clones are starting to infiltrate that group too...

anyway, back to the main reason for this (well overdue) post. i always pay particular attention to the "alternative" dressers. the real ones, not the ones who are wearing their scarves that way because it's been deemed cool. i love seeing how they put themselves together. it's so nice to see people steering clear of glassons.

i decided to put together a couple of outfits which i could picture someone wearing around campus. if i keep following my diet and exercise plan (GO ME!) and combine that with a bit of extra moolah i may be that girl! to all those in dunedin, keep your eyes peeled over the coming months.

as you all should know by now, i'm a sucker for baggy cardis. i am also kinda digging a roman/greek vibe, and even though the metallic cuff doesn't automatically conjure images of ancient times, i think it's a pretty modern take on that look. maybe it'd be more obvious if it was in bronze?

being a nerd is in man! i love that brogues are trendy with the hipsters these days - and i think this colour really funks them up. still digging the knee highs... is everybody else over them yet? oh and ps, polyvore has made me fall in love with rick owens. duh i'd heard of him and everything but here he isn't exactly a household name. but i love the slouchiness of his stuff... way cool.

i really like this, though i think i would have to partake in a little dutch courage before venturing outside in this. i forgot to put in like a tanktop for under the cardigan... oops. the first item i spotted was that amazing prada clutch - and yes, i basically built the entire outfit around that. it reminds me of the tarantino movie, true romance. i think this is something alabama would definitely wear, but i'm betting she'd pair it with a push up bra. and the jacket wouldn't stay on long.

i am so so in love with crisp white shirt dresses these days. this one is a bit too long for the look i was going for, but the detailing on the front was exactly what i was picturing in my minds eye. it'd look great with a tan no doubt! i was looking for some kind of roman gladiator style sandals - i'm pretty sure they were deemed 'out' again years ago, but this is my blog and that's how i roll!! - but after spotting these divine lanvin ones i couldn't stop fantasising over them

check out my polyvore ( for details on any of the pieces. oh and if you're super dedicated, you should search for claire de lune... i wish i could style the way she can!

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AsianCajuns said...

Love all the outfits, but I really like the nerd-gear... those shoes are too too cute. Thanks for the inspiration!