Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my continuing love for all things 'ye olde...'

listening to: 'hanging on too long' - duffy.

more & more i seem to be wanting to teleport myself back in time. i think it's stemmed from my growing adoration of music throwing off a vintage vibe. it all started with amy winehouse... and the list has grown to include (but is not restricted to) the puppini sisters, adele, and my newest favourite duffy. i strongly suggest you check out some of her music - she's quickly becoming my favourite. i've always been fascinated by history, especially the 1920s, 1940s, and 1970s. but if my heart could only be divvied up into two sections, the 1940s and 70s would take their rightful place in there. at the mo i am super into the 1940s - not a suprise given that so much of fashion and music right now, two of my most favourite things in the world, seem to be so centered on that era.

so i decided to share my love of these three epochs with you, faithful reader. if you exist, that is. i haven't had any comments in awhile, which is kinda depressing but not altogether unexpected as my most recent posts have admittedly lacked finesse, among other things. even i get bored with reading my blog, but then again everybody is always most critical when they reflect upon themselves.

when i think of the 1920s, i immediately think of f scott fitzgerald's masterpiece, the great gatsby. hardly original, i know, but after reading it (and watching the robert redford/mia farrow adaptation) i just HAD to satiate my appetite with anything else flapper-related i could get my hands on. especially his other works; although, incredibly frustratingly, every single time i go to the library to lend tender is the night it is always already taken; however over the summer holidays i did finally manage to procure the beautiful and damned. however, as i've already blathered on about my love for flapper-esque headbands, i'll skip right along to the 1940s.

pussy-bow blouses, waistcoats in tweed, sillohuette-hugging definition. when i think of taking the 1940s new look thing into the present day, i picture a pair of wide-legged jeans (with plenty of buttons) teamed with a body-con singlet tucked in, plenty of bracelets, and a jewel-hued capelet thrown nonchantly over the shoulders. or a pencil skirt and waistcoat combo, topped off with a tweed hat - not a fedora, that's too obvious, but a jaunty little baker boy cap. and a pair of gold-rimmed classic aviators, an ode to the stereotypical Pearl Harbour soldier.

From the stories i've heard, my parents were mega hippies back in the day. growing up i listened to a mixture of led zeppelin, hendrix, the who, pink floyd, the eagles, meatloaf, david bowie, marianne faithfull... all the good stuff. when i was little i wasn't a fan; but now i dig! i'm truly not just jumping on the floral bandwagon... not only am i a fan of the whole floathy, etheral - i'm loathe to say it - hippie buzz, but i am a bit of a girly girl. so florals really are right up my alley. you could take the same pair of jeans from your 40s ensemble and mix it with some long, lean crochet and an oversized floral shirt with rolled up sleeves. the messy hair/thin headband look a la susie bubble would look mega cute.

well it's late and i have an assignment due friday that i havent even begun - political campaigning in nz, and how it has changed since the introduction of the mmp system - and even though i probably won't do any tonight, i don't want to go to bed tooooo late otherwise i won't get up till midday tomorrow.

but before i go, i'd love to hear what eras other people have love affairs with. stay cool friends!


Life's a Wardrobe said...

I love the 1920s too. I just finished reading Fitzgerald's The Crack Up which features short stories as well as some of his observations on society (Echoes of the Jazz Age will interest you if you enjoyed The Great Gatsby). Great blog - I like the quote on your title picture!

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey thanks for visiting. I'm going to add u to my blogroll. Hope u do the same