Tuesday, March 11, 2008

for the first time in a long time

listening to: 'grace is gone' - dave matthews band

sorry i haven't been keeping up with the posts in awhile. i have had so much work to do for uni that i've barely had time to browse blogs myself, let alone actually write one. although to be honest part of my lack of writing is because i am still on a bit of a downbuzz, and didn't really want to bore you further.

i don't have too much to write about, except i wanted to post some pictures of my new guess clutch! a dear dear friend of my mum's was here in dunedin last weekend for her son's basketball tournament, and she took me out to lunch. it was lovely to see her - it was nice to be able to talk to somebody about mum. i'm missing her so much. all i want is to be able to just ring her and tell her how shitty my days have been lately. i feel so alone up here. i've basically been sitting alone in my room at random intervals listening to a playlist i made on my ipod, crying and staring at the last birthday card mum ever gave me.

but back to my story. rosey and i had lunch at a wee cafe and then had a bit of a browse in some shops. we were in andrea biani, and she was choosing a new handbag to buy for herself - just to interrupt: lipstick red, beautiful hand-tooled embossed leather. it's soo soft, and basically i was drooling - when i happened to mention how pretty i thought this silver clutch was. i was browsing through the shoes while rosey was paying for her bag, and when she turned around she had bought me the purse! i didn't know what to say... on one hand i feel super awful, because it was $65! but on the other, i wasn't going to turn down a guess clutch lol.

so here's a snap... hope you love it as much as i do!! sorry my photography skillz are below par; way below par. it's next to my balenciaga motorcycle bag, which i got online. therefore i'm not sure of it's authenticity... but i loved it anyway! i broke the zip tho :(


AsianCajuns said...

Gorgeous! It's also versatile enough that it's completely worth the money!

alana said...

thanks! i have to say the usage i've gotten out of it already has justified the price tag... it's practically glued to my hand!