Thursday, February 7, 2008

these are a few of my favourite things... shoes, anyway.

listening to: 'untouched' - the veronicas

yo yo! well i took my sister shopping again today - i should so be a personal stylist! i dress other people better than i dress myself. alas, the grandpa cardigan she got on our last little expedition (the one i wanted to go buy for myself too) was no longer on sale... i almost threw a tantrum in the middle of the shop but managed to refrain (phew.). i was basically the epitome of restraint today - i only bought some truly yawn-worthy stationary. oh, and the most amazing scarf of all time. plus a pair of super cute little shoes for $20.

the shoes made me decide to post a couple pics of my little shoe collection: please note that this isn't even close to covering all the shoes i own, just my favourites. minus the pair of bright yellow flats a la amy winehouse (well, i think so anyway). they are getting a little battered so i'm planning on buying another pair - the third pair i will have owned. oh! and note that i don't wear my jeans that short, i was just kinda hitching them up for purposes of the photo. sadly, due to a high instep, combined with inherited (from both sides) squat feet-physique, my feet look pudgy and wide, but what you gonna do??

1. the new shoes... haha when i took this i didn't notice the box of wallpaper in the background. dad's keen to renovate the house a bit before he sells it. i love the rounded toe (i am heart'ing round toes at the moment) and the slight shine... though you can't really tell from my shoddy photography.


my standard saturday night shoes... they have the tiniest kitten heel, which means i can get roaring drunk without endangering my life (you know, aside from the possibility of liver failure etc) while still maintaining a semblance of girly prettiness that comes with wearing heels... nothing else gives your hips such a life of their own.

i fell in love with these and got them on an absolute whim... my very first paycheck from my very first fulltime job last september! the peeptoe is gorgeous, and i love how the wedge heel makes it a little easier to walk in such high shoes... i'm still (embarassingly enough!) a novice high-heeler. still haven't been brave enough to wear them, aside from dancing round in front of the mirror in my bedroom.


again, digging the round toe look. i went through a stage where every single pair of shoes i owned had a pointy end but i'm kind of over that look.. i love how the round toes are reminscient of the 40s, an era which has gradually started to influence my idea of beautiful. they are really quite high, for my standards anyway, but the relatively solid heel makes it easier for said heel novice to walk without feeling like a dodo. since the heel is so heavy i've decided this pair looks much better with a pair of jeans rather than a skirt.


Rachel R. said...

i love the gray flats - where are they from? the cutouts are very chic

alana said...

thanks! they are from the #1 shoe warehouse, which is like a budget chainstore here in new zealand