Sunday, February 17, 2008

i'll tell you what i want, what i really really want

listening to: 'electric dream' - shapeshifter
so, i had my first night back in dunedin. and last night was my first night of o-week '08 back in dunedin. i had the most amazing time; it was fantastic. town was crazy packed but i was so munted i didn't even care. usually i hate when it's that cramped but i was just having such a good time jamming on the dancefloor (especially to this song! ahh) that i didn't even care. until my feet literally started to bleed and i had to go home haha. oh and that reminds me, sadly my favourite going out shoes - i posted pics of them, they are black satin kitten heels with wee diamante thingees - broke!! i was so sad. and i was walking around the monkey bar with my shoe flapping on the floor. i must have looked a right mess. but ANYWAY.
what i wanted to actually write about was my incredible urge right now for a shrunken navy blazer. with gold buttons. i'm going to have to go check out some op shops for one, but i am going to be picky about it because i don't want one that isn't perfect.
anyway i have to go now because my friend tim & i are going to watch the godfather 2 on dvd now... and he is reading this and rolling his eyes! so i'll stop my little ramble there.
ps tim wants me to say he's hot. but really he's ok... may post pics, but only if they are suitably embarassing and drunken.
au revoir!!

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Oreste said...

Un bel blog. Saluti da Roma. Ciao