Monday, February 11, 2008

alana discovers the joys of polyvore... and plugs some stuff she likes

listening to: "disco" - autozamm
hey beautiful friends! so, today i am planning to plug a couple of wee things (but for good reason i swear - i'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart, and my genuine appreciation!) but only because this a blog where i can write about things currently tickling my fancy, and everything that will appear in today's post is indeed doing that!

first things first. myspace has become a hub of music: artists and fans - and soon-to-be-fans - alike flock there to check out the latest and greatest, blah blah blah. and no, i am not so far behind trends that i have only just discovered myspace. give me some credit! but i do suggest you all head on over to myspace and check out disco by autozamm, the brand new song from the auckland quintet. i've only heard it on the radio a couple of times so far, but i'm absolutely loving it, and was inspired to share! sadly, it's not on itunes (yet). oh and ps, their other song (killer shoes) is also well worth the listen: i think i'll adopt it as my official getting ready to hit the town song.
so that was plug number 1. here is plug number 2. the girls over at our wishful wardrobe (yes, i do appear on their blogroll. please, no pictures.) have introduced me not only to paddington bear, style icon, but also to polyvore. let me just say THIS IS MY KINDA WEBSITE. you know how yesterday i mentioned my intense jealousy of cher's amazing computer program that picked out her outfits each day? voila, the 21st century version does not disappoint. so far i have spent approximately an hour ALREADY "just browsing". aka, pretending i can afford & also fit into these beautiful beautiful clothes.
actually, i just realised that was 3 plugs. i'm practically a slave to the man now. oh well, they are all definitely worthy of your time - if you waste time reading this, you have a fair bit of it on your hands, thus could definitely do with another website to aid your procrastination. the challenge i set myself - the dedication!! - was to create completely different outfits (one for day, one for night) using the same dress. i picked a relatively simple Development Wool twill dress (available on net-a-porter) as my base. here are the outfits i concocted:
1. dress
2. all saints contrast heel (lace-up oxford)
3. louis vuitton monogram pendant
4. fendi convertible bracelet (the set would look cool, rather than just the one)
5. flirt for asos over the knee socks
6. oli cropped jacket
7. 'marvelous' vintage wayfarers

1. dress
2. shimmer clutch (hopefully it's oversized!! mmm.) from fcuk
3. headband from target
4. cocktail ring, as featured at
5. catwoman t-bar loubs

sorry the quality of the picture is so bad! i can tell i'm going to spend A LOT of time on that site... it's like the grownup version of barbie dolls! and i was a big barbie fan. speaking of barbie, check out gwyneth's dress. seen here at madonna's gucci/unicef party recently (relatively recently anyway) she looks more like a life-sized version of everybody's favourite disproportionate doll than style icon. give her a boob job and you're set! i love a big bow, but something about this just doesn't work. and don't even get me started on the shoes.
so, in summary, i like good honest kiwi music; i like other blogs, especially ones where i learn even more about the joys of the internet; i love playing dressups without having the hassle of having to actually BUY the clothes; and i am not a fan of gwyneth's stylist.


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Miss Woo said...

I notice that dress too, its too cute for Gwyneth! Haha it should be on me!