Sunday, February 3, 2008

20: not off to a good start

listening to: 'new soul ' - yael naïm

last night was pretty much awful... i think i really need to talk to someone objective, because i don't talk to anyone and then everything i bottle up just comes out when i'm drunk and i make a big mess of things. dad asked me once if i wanted to talk to a grief counsellor but i kind of just brushed it aside and we haven't mentioned it again. but i think it's gotten a bit out of hand; i don't want to keep taking the way i feel out on my friends. it must be pretty bad if i can't even enjoy myself with them anymore, but lately i've been having crappy nights more than i've been having good nights.

this is a bit of a downer really! will post again later tonight... right now i can't even think of anything remotely interesting to say.

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