Monday, February 4, 2008


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yesterday, after my dreaaaaaaaaaaaary post, i did a little research re: my favourite accessory. i've always been a huge fan of scarves - silk. bright colours. chunky & woolly. etc - but have never really worn them. scratch that, i've pretty much never worn them. but one of my MANY resolutions for oh eight is to inject a bit of scarf love into my life.

then i forgot to post some of the pics i found! so when i was browsing tonight, and i saw their 'anatomy of a classic' section regarding scarves, i decided that i too would pay homage to (according to donna karan) "the most versatile" of accessories.

do you wear them casually thrown over one shoulder? babushka-style? the single loop of the neck and then hanging down over your shoulders? as a headband? or a simple square knot? i guess it all depends on the mood of your outfit, and the style of the scarf itself.

personally, i don't have a favourite. but there are a few things i look for in a scarf: i usually wear pretty plain clothes - when you're as broke as i am, the sensible thing to do is to buy staples that you can wear every single day, rather than (sadly) every single thing that catches my eye - so at the moment i am super into bright prints, especially abstracts. i also really like the whole touristy vibe some printed scarfs throw off: you know the ones i mean, they have pictures of like the eiffel tower and some dude in a blue and white striped shirt and a beret.

another thing i look for in a scarf is the length - i like them ultra long (this is where we get our minds out of the gutter my friends!!) so they flow outwards as i'm walking along. also, this way you can wear them as a headband with a really cute 70s vibe, a la lauren conrad.

and since the climate in dunedin is so damn cold, the chunky wintery versions are definitely much appreciated: my favourite colour for this kind is of course grey. and i like them to be really chunky and heavy looking: fine knits just aren't my kind of thing... not when it comes to scarves.

am i alone in my fixation? and how do most people like to wear them? let me know guys!!

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