Monday, February 11, 2008

a late new years resolution

listening to: "future baby mama" - prince

firstly yay for amy winehouse! not only is she looking a heck of a lot better than in past weeks, she also deservingly took out both album & record of the year at the grammys! she is one of my absolute favourite artists; its slightly embarassing to admit it but i am a HUUUGE mariah fan (ever since i was 6. i can't just let her go, whether you disapprove or not) and will probably never rate anybody over her. but amy winehouse comes close, very close. i've yet to watch her satellite performance on youtube, but no doubt it will be stunning. hopefully one of her resolutions this year was to keep off the crack: sure she lapsed, but we've got a bit of progress people!

speaking of resolutions, i've never really made them. i know in my head what i want to achieve each year, though i rarely do. not the biggies anyway. but tonight i was inspired whilst browsing i want big hair, a blog i stumbled upon earlier this evening. this girl is only 15 and yet she looks pretty handy with her singer!! my mum was an amazing seamstress - she made my ball gown in 7th form - and we still have ALL of her sewing gear: instead of just (somehow) getting rid of it, i've decided i want to inherit it, and hopefully eventually i also inherit her craftiness. i can never REALLY find clothes that i am absolutely in love with, so now this way maybe i can make them!

hopefully this isn't a completely ridiculous idea. you don't know this, but i am really not good at stuff like sewing. i always have grandiose visions, and then when it comes time to actually produce something it all gets shot to pieces, be it a painting or whatever. when i was third form we had to do a woodworking module for a whole dreary term, and the teacher told me that the jigsaw puzzle i attempted to make was the worst he had ever seen. and he had been teaching for quite some time.

i think the first thing i would attempt would be a skirt. it LOOKS simple enough... right? i had a friend who once made a skirt entirely of ties, and it wasn't bad. hey or maybe i could make a scarf!! all i'd have to get is a bit of fabric! a PREEEEEEETTY bit of fabric. i could make many scarves. i could be a scarf-making queen. gee whiz this is going to be grand. or is it just fuelling my ever-growing, bordering-on-the-unhealthy obsession?

dammit, i'm still stuck at work and i can hear the sex and the city theme song coming on... since i work at a newspaper, the tv in the newsroom is always tuned to the late night news broadcast when i'm at work. and satc reruns are on after that on monday nights. GRRRRRR. i don't usually work mondays, thankfully, but i jumped at the chance for extra hours since this is my last week of work. have i mentioned that? i head back to dunedin for university on friday morning. i have course approval the following monday, then it's crazy orientation ("o-week") week and then back to class. looking forward to being with my friends. looking forward to moving into my new flat. but not looking forward to actually living in dunedin again. i'm going to miss dad & renee like crazy, and i'm gonna be sick with worry over them. but i guess it will all work out in the end.

anyway, wish me luck - for both of my endeavours!!

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Bethy said...

bitch that tie-skirt was terrible. i didn't measure ANYTHING. it was somewhat amazing it eventually somewhat resembled a circle, although it was more oval, and longer at one side. ahhh, memories.

cu in a couple of days ;)