Thursday, August 14, 2008

fuelling addicts everywhere

listening to: 'do you feel' me - anthony hamilton
before i get started, i just want to emphasise how much i ADORE this song right now. in my book, nothing beats some smooth soul music; and after watching american gangster [yes, i know i took my time getting round to it. i'm not much of a dvd-renter] i was desperate to find some of the music from the soundtrack - specifically this song! i thought it was like an old song, seeing as the film is set during the vietnam war, but realised it's not. ANYWAY that wasn't an overally exciting story... just go listen to this song, its magic.
today i was procrastinating from study - again - and decided to pop onto bag, borrow or steal for a look.
i could spend frikkin hours on this site!! favourites so far are the chloe heloise bag [which i spotted months ago, and which has periodically infiltrated my dreams ever since], the prada multi striped pochette in purple and the fendi b in the most delicious shade of electric blue my eyes have ever encountered... and i'm only up to page 5!


Louise | said...

I love bag, borrow or steal! The bags there are definitely drool-worthy. They're all so pretty you wouldn't mind looking at them all day and night long... :)

Anonymous said...

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